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Question #: 13269

Question: what parts would i need from you to convert my cnc plasma table into a laser cutter? price?

Current Solution

First, you would need a laser tube, laser power supply, laser controller and a lens holder. You may need mirrors and mirror holders if you plan on orienting the laser tube in a direction other than directly towards the work surface.

You can find these items and prices here: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/LaserComponents.aspx

You will need to mount the laser tube and power supply. We recommend mounting the tube and power supply to the gantry, or directly to the axis that moves across the gantry for reduced power loss and to eliminate slight drift from mirror alignment error.

The controller will need to be connected to your existing motor drivers. If you wish to still use your plasma table for plasma cutting work, you will need to have a switch and transistor circuit to switch which controller has precedence to control the drivers (having both controllers connected to the drivers, but having a TTL circuit using buffer/gates chips that is controlled by a single switch. We can assembly this circuit for you for a fee.

If this is a machine that we did not manufacture, you will need to create the mounts for the laser tube. We can provide guidance for a fee if needed.

Additional Information:
Will my existing controller not work for controlling both? What would I need to make the laser cut when the table moves. The table has a thc and enable disable circuit. Also when will the mirror mounting head assembly be in stock again?

Additional Information:
I'm not familiar with the controller that you use for plasma cutting. The principle is probably the same. There is two main axes for movement and a trigger signal to start the plasma cutting. Not sure if your plasma table contains a z-axis that follows closely to the work surface to get the most efficient arcing. That function could be helpful, but not necessary for the laser.

If your controller has a standard digital level trigger control, then that would be fine.

Laser controller have the ability to create raster style engraving. If you don't need this functionality, then a laser controller may not be needed.


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