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Question #: 13589

Question: Do you sell the 5x10 or 5x12 machines fully assembled complete with spindle that will do detailed signs in wood. We have very large eastern red cedar are interested in producing custom signs etc.

Current Solution

Yes, we have fully assembled machines that come complete with the spindle (and laser if needed) with sizes ranging from 1'x2' all the way up to 6'x12' or longer. We can also make custom fully assembled machines with other sizes. All of these machines are perfect for very intricate detailed work including but definitely not limited to sign making, bas relief, cabinetry, architectural model making, engraving, machine parts, automotive, custom sound enclosures (automotive or other), and other scientific application which we have delivered machine for many types of these applications.

Our machines are as follows (in order by size, larger at top):

The Fabricator Pro (although stated on the website at 4'x8') can be provided up to a 6'x12' (or longer) size. Call us for the price above the 4'x8' size.

The greenBull 4x, 5x or 6x CNC Machine is available fully assembled; however, you are responsible for building the table on this machine, but the price is considerably lower. The 4x, 5x, and 6x is a width specification and the length is determined by your table length.
4x: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenBull-v4-4X-milling-hybrid
5x: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenBull-v4-5X-milling-hybrid
6x: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenBull-v4-6X-milling-hybrid

The 4'x8' greenLean CNC Router (Table bed is vertically oriented with a slant) fully assembled:
This machine is fully assembled with the overall frame. The customer would need to fasten the frame to the wall and affix a spoilboard to the bed.

The 4'x8' Vertical Laser XL Laser Cutter and Engraver fully assembled:

The 4'x8' blackFoot CNC Router:
This machine requires a table to be built by the customer.

The 2'x4' blackToe CNC router fully assembled complete with table:

The blueChick CNC Router fully assembled completel with table:


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