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Question #: 14248

Question: Do you sell only the laser components in a kit form?

Current Solution

We can sell the laser parts in a kit form. What specific parts are you looking for specifically.

A typical parts list would be as follows:
- 1 Laser Tube (40w or 80w)
- 1 Laser Power Supply (40w or 80w)
- 2 Laser Mirror Mounts
- 3 Laser Mirrors
- 1 Laser Mirror Mount/Lens Holder/Nozzle
- 1 Lens (Focal Lengths of 1.5", 2", 2.5" or 3" depending on your application)
- Laser Protective Goggles

Other parts that would be optional:
- Laser Controller with Control Panel
- Water Chiller if using the 80w (can also be used for 40w)
- Screw Terminal with Post (for laser tube connection convenience)
- 5K Potentiometer if the laser controller is not included

Let me know if this list matches what you would expect and I will create some kits.


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