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Question #: 2232

Question: I purchase blackfoot cnc machine 4.1 resecentily cnc mech 3 upectedily plunging.I will cut one part and its fine the second I notice that it upectedily plunges and I dont have clue.. please help.

Current Solution

If your CNC Router is plunging unexpectedly, it may be stalling in the upward movement. Check your velocity and acceleration for the z-axis. Recommended values for the blackFoot/blackToe CNC routers for acceleration and velocity is 80 ipm for velocity and 7 to 20 for acceleration. Test at the lower values to see if that helps. If it does help, then increase the values until the problem happens, then lower the values.

If the acceleration is too high, there may be a stall at the beginning of the axis travel because the motor cannot compensate for the inertia of the axis assembly. If the velocity is too high, but the acceleration is low, then a stall may happen at the motor's top speed.


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