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Question #: 3432

Question: Can you guys make a video showing how to adjust the white pin combinations on the redleaf drivers, in relation to the various combinations needed for the different size stepper motors?

Current Solution

The dip switch settings on the drivers have a table on the top of the driver itself. To determine the size of the motor and driver compatibility, you first need to associate the motor to the correct driver (i.e. if the motor requires 6 amps to deliver the rated torque, you will need a driver that can allow for a 6 amp draw). Second, if the motor is rated within the amp specs of the driver, then you need to look at the motor datasheet (located on the product page of each motor) and look at the amp rating related to the wiring scheme you selected (most likely bipolar parallel). Se the dip switches to select an amp that matches this rating found in the datasheet. Remember that the dip switch is ON if UP and OFF if DOWN. On = 1 and off = 0.

If you think a video would be more helpful, please call us and we can discuss this.


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