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Question #: 3516

Question: I have the USB controller board and the 8825 step driver. I need a wiring diagram between the two. Specifically, what does the GND pin on the X-axis connect to? Also, what does the 5V pin on the driver connect to?

Current Solution

If you want speed control, it is recommended to use the RS-485 connection on the VFD and use the control program such as Mach3 to communication serially with the VFD using this RS-485 connection.

If you would rather use a controller such as the PMDX-107 to simulate the effect of a potentiometer using the Aref, Aout and Agnd and the Rev/Dir and Fwd/Run terminals to control operation and direction, you can connect those to the VFD.

PMDX-107 Aout connects to the VI (analog voltage in). This is like the wiper on a potentiometer.
PMDX-107 Agnd connects to the ACM terminal on the VFD for Analog common.
PMDX-107 COM connects to DCM terminal on the VFD for Digital common.
PMDX-107 Fwd/Run connects to the FOR terminal on the VFD for Forward.
PMDX-107 Rev/Dir connects to the REV terminal on the VFD for Reverse.

Refer to your PMDX-107 manual to correctly configure your dip switch settings and make sure to calibrate (tweak) the speed control using the trimmer next to the terminals on the PMDX-107.


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