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Question #: 3675

Question: My machine stopped today (after many fun filled hours of operation in the last 3+ years). I suspect the 36V 8.8 amp power supply as there is no power to the stepper motors. Is there a breaker to check, or do I need to get another power supply? Should I assume the stepper motors are OK?

Current Solution

Your deduction of the power supply at fault is probably correct. When you attempt to power the power supply, check the V+ and V- (COM) with a multimeter on the DC setting. You should measure 36 volts.

If there is no voltage on the V+ and V- (COM) there should be a fuse inside the power supply that you might want to check. Also, while you in there, check the electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors have a finite lifespan much shorter than other components and are often the cause of many problems with all electronics.

Please let us know what you find.


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