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Question #: 6953

Question: I've built a router frame, so I need electronics. I'm buying 2 NEMA 34s and 1 NEMA 23. Can I get a list of controller, power supply and related components so I can get them as I can afford them? Please.

Current Solution

Here is a list of the parts needed to get the electronics combo functioning (parallel or USB interface options):

- 22 or 24 gauge stranded hookup wire to connect all of the drivers to the USB or parallel interface (terminal to terminal connections),
- 18 gauge stranded hookup wire to connect the drivers to the power supply,
- a power cable (extension cord) to connect from the power outlet to the power supply,
- 4 conductor cable to connect the drivers to the stepper motors,
- a USB cable to connect from the computer to the USB interface (or for power to the parallel interface),
- for the parallel interface, a parallel cable is needed (male to male db-25),
- a computer (for parallel interface, the computer will need a parallel port and if the computer does not contain a parallel interface, the motherboard may have a header for it, or you can purchase a parallel adapter to plug into the motherboard, very inexpensive),
- cnc control software: for the USB interface, you will need planet-cnc software, for the parallel interface, you can use any industry standard cnc control software (the typical is Mach3 for Windows, or EMC2 or Linuxcnc for Linux (Linuxcnc.org).

5v power supply is not needed. The 5 volts signal level power is derived from the computer through USB on both types of interfaces.


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