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Question #: 7982

Question: What are the tolerances of your machines?

Current Solution

The tolerance of our machines, like any machine, depends on several variables. The major variables include the manufacturing tolerance, the type of machine control used, the precision of assembly, the thoroughness of maintenance, and the initial and ongoing calibration of the machine. Because we sell kits only most of these variables are outside our control. Therefore, we are hesitant to guarantee a certain level of tolerance for an end user. However, in our experience, tolerances of .001" are readily achievable with our machines.

Additional Information:
What is the likely tolerance one could achieve without continual frustration and months of tinkering?

Additional Information:
We actually do very little tinkering with our production machine. The wood has a very small coefficient of linear expansion as compared to metals and plastic, so calibration is reduced to a very infrequent state.

As with all machines, the determination of backlash in all parts of the machine is important, managing the tightening of these points of adjustment is necessary, but are still done infrequently.


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