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Question #: 859

Question: dont own one. interested in blackfoot. (really looking for 4x4) . is the electronics all straight foward hookup like the videos? the table top & all electronics comes with the kit? does the usb board replace the paralllel?

Current Solution

The blackFoot CNC machine kit does not include a table. The table can be made as long or shot as you need. for instance, if you are looking for a travel of 4 fet x 4 feet, then the table will need to be about 6 feet long to get the full 4 feet of travel.

The electronics are very straight forward using the connection diagram for the breakout board that you select. Use the videos for a general idea and then use the connection diagram to verify the correct connections for the interface of your choosing.

Yes,the USB interface replaces the breakout board, but remember that you will need to use the planet-cnc software with the USB interface.

Additional Information:
The electronics does accompany the cnc machine kits as long as you select the option "with electronics". There are option to purchase the machines without electronics and that would be necessary if you either have your own electronics, or you prefer the plug and play cnc computer system we call the redLeaf, or redSprout. This will also be necessary if you prefer the electronics that use the USB interface rather than the parallel interface.


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