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50.80mm Focal Length CO2 Lens 20mm diameter
50.80mm Focal Length CO2 Lens 20mm diameter
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CO2 Laser 50.80mm (2 inch) Focal Length Lens 20mm Diameter

The lens is the final component that the laser beam will pass until it hits the surface of the workpiece. This lens has a focal length of 50.80mm or 2 inches. The diameter of the lens is 20mm. Make sure to get/make the correct nozzle that has a 20mm seat for the lens.


The material of the lens is CVD ZnSe (Chemical Vapor Deposited Zinc Selenide) which has a low absorption rate and high transmittance level.

Specifications:Design Wavelength: 10.6 umFocal Length Tolerance: ±1%Diameter Tolerance: +0.0 / -0.12 mmThickness Tolerance: ±0.2 mmSurface Accuracy: 90%Beveling: <0.2 x 45°AR/AR Coating: R<0.5% per surface @10.6um


To make sure the laser beam converges to a point, the lens must be oriented so that the convex shape of the lens is facing up.