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Field Tech Service per hour

CNC maintenance, repair, or wiring of controllers, motors and drivers in-house or at you location.


We will come to your location, bring the equipment to us or communicate over the phone/Skype and diagnose the problem with your CNC Router or equivalent type of machine and either provide recommended actions or provide these recommended actions if on site.

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Thumbnail: Lawrence's iron grate under the table bed of the CNC Machine. Lawrence M's Table Bed Support
Lawrence built the scratch build CNC machine from the book and he came up with a very nice addition to the underside of the table that provides extra support so the table will not sag over time.
Terms of Use and Customer Service Policies
After carefully analyzing the existing clients, processes, and time management, and by understanding the benefits of the new customer service approach we are proud to introduce a new customer service policy. The new policy will ensure a better customer service experience and also guarantee a better service to our clients.
pipe linear slide thumbnail Pipe CNC Step 1: Linear Slide Mechanism and Concept
November 22, 2007 Happy thanksgiving for those who live in the United States. This is my first post in the Research and Development section of this website. You are probably wondering why I am adding the pipe CNC machine in such an illusive section. I want visitors of this website to know that this machine is a work in progress and all of the bugs and concepts are not fully known yet. Anyway, this enables me to share some of the ideas that run through my head.