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Sam S. and His Hacked redFrog
Sam S's modified redFrog pick and place machine
When I said you can hack the redFrog, I wasn't kidding.

Almost every customer that has purchased the redFrog has hacked the machine in some way or another. I found this hard to believe until I saw Sam's redFrog with my own eyes.

Adding automatic solder paste application to the redFrog pick and place machine was a comment I received on my YouTube video in the past, and emailed to me several times by prospective customers. Sam S. implemented and automatic solder paste application setup on his redFrog pick and place machine. Sam took a large syringe partially filled with solder paste along with a tube from his compressor and using a solenoid valve can now apply his solder paste and then place his SMD components onto his PCBs. Sam didn't stop there, he also added some code to position the tapes to the correct position before he starts the pick and place process.