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Cable Carrier Demonstration and Modification Instructions
How to modify the cable carrier.  Removing the pin.
We started carrying these new cable carriers that contain yellow hinge pins. The construction of the cable carrier is sturdy, but still has great flexibility. With this sturdiness comes the non-intuitive method of modifying the cable carrier. How is it possible to remove links, or put two cable carriers together? Also, how many wires, cables and tubes fit within the cable carriers.

Let's start with how to modify the cable carrier so you can remove links, remove an entire section of links, or add a section of links. You can either remove the yellow pins, or remove the top and bottom brackets. The tool you need for the entire process, for pin removal or top/bottom bracket removal is a standard small flat end screw driver.

The yellow pin on the side of the cable carrier contains a couple of lips that clip on to the pin seat. This clips is slightly flexible, but be careful, the plastic used is a bit brittle, so it will break if hit too hard. Use the screw driver to push the yellow pin out from the inside of the cable carrier.

Removing the top and bottom brackets that hold the sides of the links together can also be removed with a small screw driver. There are two clips that grab the link sides clips. You can access these clips at the top of the bracket and slightly pry the bracket off using the screw driver. You will need to remove the top and bottom brackets and the brackets before and after the initial brackets.

Reverse these steps to reconnect the links together. Remember that if you turn the cable carrier and reconnect them together, they will be locked in place. This may be intentional and can also be locked into two 45 degree positions.

These cable carriers with the yellow pins come in two sizes, 1 inch x 7/8 inch and 2 inches x 7/8 inch. These are inside dimensions of the cable carriers. Within the small cable carrier, you can fit all you need to create a 3 axis CNC machine with a water cooled spindle which requires two tubes (inlet and outlet) and a three conductor cable, and this cable carrier will also have room for the stepper motor cables for all three axes (three four conductor cables).

So, now you know how to modify the cable carrier, remove links, add links, put two sections of cable carrier together, or remove a section of cable carrier. You also know that two tubes, three (3) four conductor cables, and a three conductor cord for spindle power will fit within the inside dimensions of 1 inch x 7/8 inch cable carrier. Twice as many cables and tubes will fit within the 2 inch x 7/8 inch inside dimension cable carrier.

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