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Question #: 1031

Question: The table top pictured with the blackFoot 4'x8' v4.3 CNC Machine Kit looks nice. I'd like to build one just like it. How thick is it? If it was made from multiple sheets, how did you make the butt joints?

Current Solution

The pictures of the table on the blackFoot v4.3 CNC machine page uses 2/4 studs, a torsion box, and a final top 3/4" layer.

The torsion box and the top bed layer lays on a frame constructed by 2x4 framing studs angled to resist twisting and for greater rigidity. the joints are simply connected with long screws and you can also use framing plates/ties. The torsion box is constructed of 3/4" MOD stock and has a ribbing pattern spaced around 8 inches apart. The design is similar to this: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/ModularTorsionBoxTable.aspx

The top later is simply multiple sheets of MOD 3/4" thick to conform to the required final measurement.


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