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Question #: 13288

Question: I am configuring a blackfoot with 1 CW8060 and 2 CW230's with linuxcnc and cannot figure out the proper settings for stepconf. Can you provide the default settings that should work with these motors?

Current Solution

These are the recommend values(default) for our blackFoot CNC machine, the acceleration and velocity can be adjusted as high as the motor can rotate without stalling! Suggested increment's will be by 10's.

“CW8060 (6.0A) Driver”
Set to 1/16 Microstep, 5.43A
Dipswitches: 01100110 (“0”=down, “1”=up)
Motor Tuning: 914.29 steps/in, Velocity 400.02, Acceleration 4

“CW230 (3.0A) Driver”
Set to 1/16 Microstep, 2.7A
Dipswitches: 11001100
Motor Tuning: 1422.22 steps/in, Velocity 400.02, Acceleration 4

“CW230 (3.0A) Driver”
Set to 1/4 Microstep, 2.7A
Dipswitches: 10101100
Motor Tuning: 1600 steps/in, Velocity 79.98, Acceleration 5

Additional Information:
Thanks! What about step and direction config? I have:
Step time: 2000ns
Step space: 8000ns
Direction hold: 5000ns
Direction Setup: 5000ns


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