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Question #: 13376

Question: I have a BlueChick that came with the 5-Axis Bread-Out Board V5 (parallel port), it has 3xCW230, how to configure it on LinuxCNC?

Current Solution

Strictly to the point. Assuming:
-You have a working linuxcnc install with a compatible parallel port
-You have wired Bread-Out Board V5 to the motor drivers so you know which pins are for which signals(watch video tutorials for that on this site)
-You have wired motors to motor drivers (watch video tutorials for that on this site)

a)We need to know the base parallel port addres, for that you need to input on a linux terminal the command:

#lspci -v

You can scroll up and down the result with page up and page down. Look for a "Parallel Port..." line, the value you are looking for is the "I/O Ports at.." Write them down

To get the Base Period Maximun Jitter, go to
applications - cnc - Latency Test

Now you should let that window running for a while, so it calculates an accurate jitter, go watch the tutorial videos for the connections between the Bread-Out Board and the motor controllers.

After its been running for half an hour or so with the machine in use, write down the calculated jitter values, mine was Servo Thread - 39000

Now close the Latency test dialog

b)Go to applications - cnc - stepconfwizard
"START" - Create a new config
Check - Create Desktop Shortcut to config files
Check - Create Desktop Shortcut to start linuxcnc with this config

Fill in a Machine Name that suits you
Bluechick is XYZ on inches
Fill in the Base Period Maximun Jitter with the value obtained in "a)"


d)If you watched the tutorials on a) and b) you know the pin numbers for your signals.
Parport Base Address you need to put the value obtained in a), mine was cf00
Output pinout presets I used Sherline


e)Axis X (chain and sprocket axis)
Data for bluechick from build yourcnc
Motor Steps per revolution 200
Microstepping 64 (that if you followed tutorials, change if you have different)
Pulley teeth 1 ; 1
Leadscrew Pitch 0.444444 (that value comes from 1rev / (.25 in * 9 teeth))
Maximun Velocity 10
Maximun Acceleration 0.5
Home location 0.0
Table travel 0.0 to 34.0 (maybe you want to change this later)

Now, you can do "Test this axis" and jog it (move it!) Try to position everything in the middle (you will be doing it axis by axis) and select
"+ 0.5 in" Hit run, I used a pencil held at the gantry and paper to draw a line, then confirmed that the measurement was 0.5 in. Also tried with "+/- 0.5 in" and confirmed 1" measurement

FORWARD when happy with your Axis X

Repeat for Axix Y but the table travel is 0.0 to 12.0

With data from buildyourcnc.com
Motor Steps per rev 200
Driver Microstepping 16 (as recommended for lead screw)
Pulley teeth 1 ; 1
Leadscrew Pitch 2
Max Vel 2.5
Max Accel 0.5

Table travel 0.0 to 3.5

Test, and FORWARD when happy

g)After configured you can go to
Applications - cnc - LinuxCNC, and there you go...

Additional Information:
... Still think that there should be a tutorial for this part.

Additional Information:
oh¡ Forgot to tell, the config shortcut will be available on our Desktop, launch linuxCNC from there


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