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Question #: 13534

Question: I recently purchased the 3 axis mach3 usb kit the motors have 8 different colored wires (no stripes on wire just solid color) all instructions have different colors. cannot find tutorals. does the mach 3 hook up same as planet? please let me know where I can find wiring diagram to hook up mach 3 usb BOB and motors (I am new to this kind of work projects)

Current Solution

can not get the limit switches to work on the usb controller board

Additional Information:
Wiring the motors to the drivers for our 8 wire motor is probably the 425 oz-in NEMA 24 stepping motor. Here is the URL for the diagram of the motor:

Wire it in bipolar parallel as specified on the data sheet.

Here is the URL for the motor to check if it is the same that you purchased.

The USB mach3 board URL is here:

The wiring diagram is on that page and instruction on how to use it.


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