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Question #: 13743

Question: I have been using a Blacktooth for some time, with Vectric2d and Mach3. I have always found that the laser burns a hole before moving off. I have always set material thickness at actual value. Should it be set very low? Also, of the many post processors supplied with 2d, which is best for Blacktooth?

Current Solution

If you have the laser firing using the Z direction, then you want to make sure that the thickness and clearance plane is extremely small. The time it takes for the software to think that the z axis has lowered to the depth set in the design is causing the laser to stay on in a single position for too long. Make sure that the depth is extremely small, like .0001" or the smallest amount allowed by the Vectric software. Also, make sure the clearance plane (the height that the z axis would raise to clear any protrusions like clamps and the such) is extremely low.


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