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Question #: 13966

Question: my 40w blacktooth laser kit with laser control unit only came with one controller connector, but the unit has two controller ports. Should I have two wires or do I just use controller port number one?

Current Solution

What is the model number of the laser controller?

Additional Information:
Hey - the model number on the laser controller is

Additional Information:
Do you need any additional information here? I really want to get going on it this weekend!

Additional Information:
Sorry about that. If you are referring to the CN1 and CN2 connector, I don't believe it is needed if it didn't come with the connector. The components that we send to the customer is the same package that is sent from the manufacturer of the product. I would try connecting it to the CN1 connector of both units and test the interface (control panel).

Additional Information:
The manual for the AWC 708 shows the two ports CN1 and CN2 connected, but that may just be for thorough documentation if the CN2 is needed for some reason. Do you have a copy of the manual or know where to find it? If not, I will put the document link here.


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