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Question #: 14046

Question: I am looking for a controller for a 3 axis dual Y stepper cnc machine. If at all possible I would like a list of the parts that will be needed. I prefer to go with an ethernet setup vs a parallel port.

Current Solution

All of our controller will allow two steppers on any of the axes. Multiple stepper motors and drivers on a single axis is more a function of the way the stepper motor drives are connected to the output pins of the controller. To connect two stepper drivers to a single axis, you need to connect the output pins (dir and step) to each of the two stepper motor drivers.

Consider the controller on cost, features and how they are connected to the computer.

Out lowest cost controllers are:

Mach3 USB board - Has good features and uses the USB from the computer as the main connection

Parallel Breakout - The computer generates the main signals and this board conditions the signals for the drivers. Although it requires the parallel port from older computer, the board has the most broad compatibility with control software out there including Mach3 and LinuxCNC.

Highest cost but most feature rich:

Pokey57CNC - works with both Mach3 and Mach4


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