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Question #: 14379

Question: I can turn the flood coolant on using the toogle in Mach3 so Mach3 is talking to the PokeysCNC board (using output3). In spindle setup, Output3 is assigned to flood and the disable box is not checked. Output 3 is enabled and assigned to the correct relay. However, coolant does not come on when the spindle is turned on. Any suggestions about what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.

Current Solution

You may need to add the m7 or m8 code to turn on the coolant or mist and m9 to turn it off. I will look further into this to see if mach3 can turn on the coolant when the spindle is turned off. I believe the coolant is a separate function from the spindle control since you may not need coolant for every material that you will be milling.

Additional Information:

Additional Information:
I have tried typing M7 and M8 into the MDI with no success. I can toggle the coolant on and off using the flood control button. Water flows and the LED lights on the diagnostic page. I followed the setup instructions in the video on the Pokeys57CNC page, which includes the spindle setup page. Those videos are very helpful.

Additional Information:
To close this question - The M7 M8 commands did start working. I never figured out why they would not work before. I still cannot get the coolant to turn on with the spindle from the Mach3 set up. I have given up and just make sure the M command is in the g code.

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