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Question #: 14393

Question: I was wondering what you recommend to use to cool your spindle when continuously exposed to freezing temperature. Can I use winter windshield cleaner (cheap) or do I have to use antifreeze engine coolant or something else? water just sounds like a really bad idea. I live in Canada Eh!

Current Solution

Using Anti-Freeze in the cooling system with either our spindle or our laser tubes will not have any problems and we recommend using a small amount in locations where temperature is freezing or below.
Although we do not recommend using an entire gallon of anti-freeze rather just a small quantity with tap water will be sufficient.

Additional Information:

Additional Information:
All last winter, the temperature was below freezing and sometimes below zero. I used 100% antifreeze for the spindle coolant. Worked great !! All the spindle needs is any type of coolant flowing through it to take the heat away. I use three gallons of antifreeze in a tub with a fish-tank pump to push the antifreeze through. 100% antifreeze works great in cold or hot winter.

Additional Information:
Excellent tip. Thank you for this correction. So it is OK to use antifreeze solely as a cooling method.


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