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Question #: 2337

Question: I am having trouble with my cutting precision. I can cut a 1" box within 0.005" accuracy, but when I try to cut something with a 6" profile, it cuts almost 0.125" heavy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Current Solution

Dealing with a larger offset when cutting a larger object, try calibrating your machine accordingly (

) now you will have to do the last couple of steps a few times to get your machine as accurate as possible.
Also if this does not correct your issue, try looking at the tightness of your x/y/z - axis chain, bearings, and also your sprocket/rod, the chain must be viewed as a bicycle chain if too tight it might snap when the machine moves but if to loose then it will be off. The rod is not totally flat where the set screws are suppose to hold down the rod, so sanding it to a flatter surface section might fix the offset.

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