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Question #: 3522

Question: I'm having trouble getting Mach3 to recognize my limit switches. I've eliminated everything back to the breakout board. I can directly connect Input 10 to GND on the breakout board while Mach3 is in autorecognize mode and Mach3 doesn't acknowledge anything.

Current Solution

Have you tried a different input pin?

Customer response:
I've tried all pins: 10, 11, 12, and 13. I get the same non-response in each case.

Recommended action
There may be a problem with the board. If you are using our parallel breakout board, we can ship you a replacement (call us), otherwise, you will need to determine the problem with the vendor of the breakout board you are using.

Additional Information:
I have tried 3 different breakout boards from 3 different providers and they all do the same thing My limit switches are microswitches wired NC with each axis wired to the BO Board. I have checked each circuit and all is OK to the BO board. each circuit has continuity at the board and when any switch is pressed the circuit breaks. Mach 3 does not recognise that the switches are even there. They are configured as active low Do you have a suggestion.


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