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Question #: 3622

Question: How thick can the Greenbull cut and what kind of material? Wood, plastic, steel? I was also wondering if there is one anywhere in Nevada, Idaho or Utah that I could possibly see in action. Thanks

Current Solution

The greenBull CNC machine kit can cut as thick as a material as you desire depending on the reach of the end mill that you provide the machine, if it is a straight vertical. The reason for this is that each pass is incremental (multiple passes at a certain depth per pass). For instance, if you need to cut a 2 inch thick piece of wood, you can make, say 3/4" passes until the target depth of 2 inches is met.

The depth per pass, feedrate and RPM will be determined by the material: wood, plastic, metal and will also be determined by the end mill that is used for that material. Selecting the appropriate end mill is very important. Feedrate and RPM is important to make sure the end mill is as cool as it can be during the cutting process.


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