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Question #: 5770

Question: I trying to setup your USB Controller card. The planetcnc does not load the card, no driver for usb card. Using windows 8.1.

Current Solution

To install the USB breakout board, there will be no driver to install nor any pop-up will be viewed in your windows task-bar, except only to notify that a USB device has been connected.

If you have planet-cnc installed it should automatically ask for a license number, which if you don't have you will continue without entering any numbers. Please read carefully since there is a pop-up that can erase the entire firmware on your board, and you will basically have a dead board.

Please email customerservice@buildyourcnc.com for further assitance.

Additional Information:
For Windows 8.1 you need to follow special driver installation steps. Download Planet-cnc software MANUAL and scroll down to that paragraph (without it you will not be able to install and use your board).


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