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Question #: 6843

Question: Need help configuring Planet CNC software to control laser firing. Currently it is firing using the Z axis but leaves the laser on after a run or when the emergency stop is activated. HELP!!

Current Solution

To stop the laser completely from continuous firing after a job is complete, I recommend to have your file to end while reaching the clearance plane which you will enter in your CAM software. Make sure that your clearance plane value is very small (ex.) 0.001 above 0 and activates at -0.001 also adding a additional g-code manually that raises the z-axis towards the end of the job/run(only if experienced would we recommend using this). This will turn of the laser, rather than the laser staying on and at its current height.

When activating the emergency e-stop, (personal opinion) I would wire the e-stop at the beginning of the live/load wire going to the electronics power supply and the laser power supply.
It will be in at the beginning of the y connection, (https://buildyourcnc.com/blackToothLaserCutterAndEngraver.aspx#prettyPhoto/13/) so you will cut power to both instead of just the CNC electronics.


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