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Question #: 907

Question: connected 625oz motor using wire diagram, but motor sounds like it's skipping, am I doing something wrong or is this part DOA? I tried every combo of wiring up, some errored the controller, but the ones that 'worked' still sound terrible. Where do I go from here? - thx! -james

Current Solution

Are you referring to the 425 oz-in motor? How many motors and drivers have you connected? If you have connected more than one, are they all sounding the same?

Additional Information:
it's the 650oz motor. but I think I've got the problem solved. The motor tuning was way out of whack.. I hooked up the smaller 425oz motors and they were ALSO acting funny so I knew it was not them. Software.

I'm still trying to find out what the best speeds are, so there is still some stutter and skipping. thanks for the quick response though, much appreciated.


Additional Information:
You will also want to look at your microstepping. Consider determining your expected mechanical steps per inch and desired jog speed (ipm) and you should have fewer issues. Use the formula: (motor steps * microsteps) / (number of inches of travel in one turn). The ipm for pulley or sprockets should be in the 500-1000 ipm range and for 5 start lead screw, in the 100-200 ipm range. The acceleration can be in the range of 10-40 depending on the mechanics and inertia involved.

Additional Information:
If you ask a question here like: what steps per inch should I set my axes? You will get the standard settings for our machines.


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