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Main image of the greenbullv2 4x8 with only the cnc gantry
Main image of the greenbullv2 4x8 with only the cnc gantry
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Digital Plans
greenBullv2 5x10 60° Digital Plans
greenBullv2 4x8 60° Digital Plans
greenBullv2 Digital Plans 4x8 Flat
greenBullv2 Digital Plans 5x10 Flat
Laser Gantry Addition
greenBullv2 Laser Gantry Digital Plans Flat or 60°
greenBullv2 Laser Gantry Paper Plans Flat or 60°
Paper Plans
greenBullv2 4x8 Flat CNC Router Plans
greenBullv2 4x8 60° Plans
greenBullv2 5x10 60° Plans
greenBullv2 5x10 Flat CNC Router Plans

Elevate your woodworking and crafting game with our top-tier DIY CNC Router Plans. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, these detailed 24"x36" digital plans (40 to 50 pages) are a must-have for anyone looking to build their own large format CNC machine. Perfect for creating custom cabinets, intricate signs, and unique projects. Plans for the greenBull v2 Large CNC router.


Premium DIY CNC Router Plans: Large Format 24"x36" Digital Download

Key Features of Our CNC Router Plans:
  • Detailed Bill of Materials (BOM): Our comprehensive BOM lists all necessary components and materials, making procurement straightforward and efficient.
  • Precise Cutting and Drilling Templates: We provide full-scale (1:1) templates for all parts requiring cutting and drilling, serving as an accurate guide for precision work.
  • Step-by-Step Assembly and Wiring Instructions: Our plans include in-depth instructions for assembly and wiring, ensuring a smooth building process.
  • Expert Tips and Techniques: Find professional tips and techniques alongside basic instructions to enhance the building process.
  • Z-Axis Deep Dive: Our CNC machine plans include a deep dive into achieving a 7-inch Z-axis travel, essential for detailed and precise CNC milling and cutting.
  • High-Performance CNC Spindle Integration: These plans outline integrating a powerful 220V 2.2kW spindle, key for efficient CNC machining operations.
  • High Performance Mechanical Movement: Step-by-step guide on setting up a roller chain system for the X-axis and a high-accuracy lead screw for the Y and Z axes, crucial for precision CNC cutting.
  • Durable Materials & Construction: Learn to build a CNC router with Medium Density Overlay (MDO), known for its moisture resistance, and complemented by an Aluminum Y carriage and Steel Rails as per HIWIN standards.
  • Advanced CNC Electronics Setup: Detailed wiring plans for incorporating either a Mach3 USB controller or a standalone CNC controller, complete with NEMA 34 stepper motors. Essential for anyone interested in CNC electronics.
  • Space-Saving CNC Router Design: For those with limited space, our 60-degree model plans are perfect, offering a compact and efficient CNC setup.

Optional Enhanced Features of Our CNC Router Plans:
  • Integrated Laser Gantry: The table on the CNc router is longer to accommodate a laser gantry alongside the CNC router. This dual-functionality design allows seamless switching between CNC cutting and laser engraving or cutting, ideal for a range of projects from intricate designs to large-scale fabrications.
  • Additional Laser Gantry Plans: We offer a separate set of plans specifically for adding a laser gantry to your CNC router. This add-on maximizes the versatility of your machine, allowing you to delve into laser engraving and cutting with precision and ease.
  • Innovative Sunken Area for 4th Axis: A unique feature of our plans is the inclusion of a sunken area on the table, designed for those who wish to add a 4th axis. This clever design ensures the 4th axis is perfectly positioned to maximize Z-axis access, enhancing the capability to work on complex, multi-angled projects.

Benefits of the Optional Enhanced CNC Router Design:
  • Dual-Function CNC and Laser Machine: Enjoy the flexibility of having both CNC routing and laser capabilities in one machine. This allows for a wider range of projects, from intricate laser engravings to robust CNC carvings, all within the same workspace.
  • Increased Project Possibilities: With the addition of a laser gantry, you can now work on projects that require both CNC cutting and laser precision. This is ideal for creating detailed inlays, engravings, and custom designs on a variety of materials.
  • Optimized 4th Axis Functionality: The inclusion of a 4th axis opens up possibilities for advanced projects like round or complex geometrical objects. The sunken area design ensures that you get the most out of your Z-axis travel, allowing for deeper cuts and engravings on taller objects.
  • Maximized Workspace Efficiency: The smart design of the extended table and sunken area for the 4th axis means you don't have to sacrifice workspace or machine footprint for these additional features. Your workspace remains organized and efficient, perfect for small workshops or multipurpose areas.
  • DIY Customization and Expansion: These plans offer you the freedom to build and customize your CNC router to suit your specific needs and projects. Whether it's adding a laser engraver or a 4th axis, you have the flexibility to expand your machine's capabilities as your skills and requirements grow.

Due to the nature of digital content, our store policy does not offer refunds for digital plan purchases. Once a digital plan is bought and delivered, it's considered used and cannot be returned. This is because digital items are immediately accessible and cannot be physically returned or verified as unused. Additionally, once the digital plans are downloaded, we have no way of ensuring they are removed from your computer or devices, further complicating the possibility of returns. Please ensure the digital plan meets your requirements before making a purchase. Your understanding and acknowledgment of this policy are appreciated.

Volume of Detailed Information
Each set of plans is comprehensive, spanning approximately 40 pages of 24"x36" size, ensuring that every aspect of construction is covered in detail.

Digital Plan Format and Printing
If you opt for digital plans, they will be provided in the DFWx format. To utilize these plans effectively, you will need to have them printed on 24"x36" paper. This size ensures that all details are clear and that the templates can be used directly for precise fabrication

How will the plans be delivered?
Digital plans will be emailed within two days of purchase. Paper plans will be shipped via standard USPS mail within one week of purchase to give time to print and prepare the plans set.

Explore the Capabilities of Our CNC Machines in Action
Dive into the dynamic world of CNC machining with our curated selection of videos showcasing the impressive capabilities and diverse applications of our CNC machines. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey in CNC fabrication, these videos are designed to demonstrate the practicality, precision, and versatility of our machines.

What You'll Discover:
  • Real-Time Demonstrations: See our CNC machines in action, cutting, carving, and creating with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Versatile Applications: Witness the wide range of materials and projects that can be accomplished, from intricate woodworking to precise metal fabrication.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Observe the ease of use and user-friendly interface of our machines, making CNC machining accessible to all skill levels.
  • Tips and Techniques: Gain valuable insights and tips from experienced operators to enhance your own CNC projects.

Each video is a testament to the quality and innovation embedded in our CNC machines. Watch and be inspired to unleash your creative potential with the power of CNC machining.

The greenBull v2 CNC Router Creating a Kit for a Customer

A Tutojrial on the Simple use of the greenBull v2 CNC Router

One Way to Recover a CNC Job in the Middle of a Cutting Process

The CAD, CAM and CNC Milling Process (One Method)

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