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Mach3 USB Interface Board Controller
Mach3 USB Interface Board Controller
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Mach3 USB CNC Interface

This USB Controller will run Mach3 through a standard USB port on a PC. Sold and shipped next day or quicker from the United States. Warranty and support available. This Interface board is not compatible with Windows 10


If you're tired of needing a parallel port and an outdated PC to run Mach3, this is the solution you've been waiting for! Our newest interface board runs through any standard USB port for communication. You simply need to install the card's plugin for Mach3 and follow the setup instructions.

Note: We are an authorized Mach3 distributor. Please purchase an official Mach3 license to run Mach3. If you use a counterfeit license, you will not be able to receive support for this product.

Package Includes: Mach3 USB Board and USB Cable

Manual and Driver Downloads Click On Links to Download or View

USB Motion Driver

Wiring Diagram Note: CP+ = PUL+, CP- = PUL-, CW+ = DIR+, CW- = DIR-

Mach3 USB Board Installation Manual

Mach3 Configuration File RIGHT CLICK AND SELECT "SAVE AS"

Setup Instructions

Step 1: Installing Mach3: You will need to purchase a Mach3 license and download the software. If you already have a licensed copy of Mach3, skip this step.

Step 2: Download the USB Motion Driver RnRMotion.dll from the link above and copy and paste the file into your Mach3 Plugins folder Example: "C:/Users/ProgramFiles/Mach3/Plugins"

Step 3: Make sure you board is connected to the PC via USB cable. It should automatically recognize the USB device.

Step 4: Open Mach3 and you should be prompted to select a driver. Select the "RnRMotionController" and check "Don't ask me again". This will allow your board to communicate with Mach3.

Step 5: Download the XML Mach3 Config File above by right clicking on the link and selecting "save as". Save the Mach3Mill.xml file in your Mach3 root folder.

Note: An additional power source is required for the limit switches and spindle portion of the board.

Rough Sketch - Limit Switch Diagram for Mach3 USB Board

This is a simple sketch of how the limit switches should be connected to the Mach3 USB board. You will need an additional power supply to power this portion of the board. 24V is not necessary. A 12 volt source coming from a PC power supply or AC adapter should suffice.