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1/4" Shank - 1/2" Cut Length
(65-012) Onsrud Single Flute: 1/8" Cut Diameter, 1/2" (13mm), Cut Length, 1/4" Shank
1/8" Shank x 1/2" Cut Length
Generic Single flute: 1/2" cut length, 1/8" shank

These end mills have a single flute to cut plastics and wood very efficiently.


For the Onsrud end mills listed, here are the chip loads and suggested feed rates:

Soft Wood, Hard Wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Soft Plywood, Hard Plywood (18,000 RPM):
Chip load: .002 to .004
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 36 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 72 IPM

Soft Plastic (12,500 RPM) :
Chip Load: .002 to .003
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 25 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 37.5 IPM

Hard Plastic (18,000 RPM):
Chip Load: .006 to .008
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 108 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 144 IPM

Sheet Aluminum (16,000 RPM):
Chip Load: .002 to .004
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 32 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 64 IPM

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