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Single Cross Dowel
Cross Dowels - 60 Pack
Cross Dowels - 12 Pack

This hardware component makes it easy to mechanically fasten two materials at a right angle. These are used as the main method of corner fastening for my CNC machines. 60 Pack of Cross Dowels (also called Barrel Nuts), 1/4" UNC (20 threads per inch), .62" length, .39" barrel diameter.


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CNC Panel Joinery from Make:
Here's a really useful article on CNC panel joinery methods by Make:. Most of the images show laser-cut pieces, but could definitely be adapted for use on a CNC router or machine. In some of the images, you'll notice there are sharp corners that would not be possible using a CNC machine. With a CNC machine, you would need to create overcuts to account for the thickness of the end mill. If you're having trouble figuring out how to fasten parts together in your designs, this article is definitely worth a look. Find the article here.
Two pieces of wood joined at a right angle using screws and dross dowels (barrel nuts). Step 2 - The Cheapo Connection
Check here for our cross dowel nuts that are used in this tutorial. These are a great way to create joints in wood. If you are looking for some great CNC machine kits, look here. Making corners, connecting two pieces of MDF can be a challenge. I am going to run through a technique, and a vital element in the CNC machine of this tutorial. This step is not as glorious as building an actual working component of one of the CNC axes; however, this type of connection is used on almost every part of the machine. The idea is very simple: with two large holes to receive nuts, and two transversal holes to receive screws (long enough to reach the nuts), a tight and strong connection can be achieved. Not only is this connection strong, it also helps to create the tension desired to tighten an axis assembly around the rods/angles for snug no-play sliding. Other types of connections that I have tried are weak and prone to splitting. I have had no splitting or failures with this method.
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John S.C. did something that I have not yet seen. He applied a ball-screw to the DIY version of the CNC Machine found on the step by step and the book "Build Your Own CNC Machine". Yes, you heard me right! A ball-screw. Why do I sound excited? Read on.