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Single Cross Dowel
Cross Dowels - 60 Pack
Cross Dowels - 12 Pack

(Cross Dowels or Barrel Nut) Hardware component used to fasten


This hardware component makes it easy to mechanically fasten two materials at a right angle. These are used as the main method of corner fastening for my CNC machines. 60 Pack of Cross Dowels (also called Barrel Nuts), 1/4" UNC (20 threads per inch), .62" length, .39" barrel diameter.

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Two pieces of wood joined at a right angle using screws and dross dowels (barrel nuts). Step 2 - The Cheapo Connection
Check here for our cross dowel nuts that are used in this tutorial. These are a great way to create joints in wood. If you are looking for some great CNC machine kits, look here. Making corners, connecting two pieces of MDF can be a challenge. I am going to run through a technique, and a vital element in the CNC machine of this tutorial. This step is not as glorious as building an actual working component of one of the CNC axes; however, this type of connection is used on almost every part of the machine. The idea is very simple: with two large holes to receive nuts, and two transversal holes to receive screws (long enough to reach the nuts), a tight and strong connection can be achieved. Not only is this connection strong, it also helps to create the tension desired to tighten an axis assembly around the rods/angles for snug no-play sliding. Other types of connections that I have tried are weak and prone to splitting. I have had no splitting or failures with this method.
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