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1/8 Rear view of the 1/8 Bore measurement of the 1/8 Overall length of the 1/8 er-11 collet dimensions
1/8 Rear view of the 1/8 Bore measurement of the 1/8 Overall length of the 1/8 er-11 collet dimensions
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1/8" ER-11 Collet

This is the part of the spindle that will hold and grip the end mill at the spinning part of the spindle. This is a collet for smaller spindles with the ER-11 specification. This collet will accept tools with a 1/8" (3.175 mm) shank.


This collet has a high precision TIR (Total Indicated Runout) of 0.0002". The bore measures 1/8" .125 inch (3.175 mm) to hold end mills that have a 1/8" shank. The shank of an end mill is the smooth part of the end mill that is inserted into the collet of the end mill.

General dimensions for ER-11 collets:D (Outside Diameter): 0.453 inches (11.5062 mm)L (Overall Length): 0.709 inches (18.0086 mm)L1 (Front Tapered Length): 0.531 inches (13.4874 mm)L2 (Rear Tapered Length): 0.098 inches (2.4892 mm)

This Collet Bore Diameter (d): .125 inches (3.175 mm)

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