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BuildYourCNC Announces Financing Options Now Available financing now available graphicBuildYourCNC is now offering financing options for machine purchases. Read more.
BuildYourCNC at Houston Mini Maker Faire 2015 BuildYourCNC sign at Houston Mini Maker Faire We attended Houston Mini Maker Faire for the 2nd year in a row this past November 14th at the George R Brown convention center in Houston. The venue was about twice as big as last year as the show continues to grow exponentially. Read more.
Press Release: BuildYourCNC Announces New Vertically-Oriented Laser Engraving Machine Vertical Laser XL graphic BuildYourCNC is pleased to announce the new Vertical Laser XL: 4x8 80W CO2 Laser Engraver. Read more.
Press Release: BuildYourCNC announces greenBull 4X: 4' x 8' routing area CNC Kit with laser capability greenBull 4X official announcement BuildYourCNC is pleased to announce the new greenBull 4X: the first 4'x8' CNC kit to feature dual laser/CNC capability. Read more.
BuildYourCNC at Houston Mini Maker Faire 2014 Houston maker faire image - courtesy of Houston Mini Maker Faire official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HoustonMiniMakerFaireWe had the pleasure of attending the Houston Mini Maker Faire this past November 1st, 2014. The show was overall a hit and we enjoyed being a part of it and showcasing a few of our machines. Read more.
Make Article: CNC Machining vs 3D Printing 3d Printer making a piece: Image Courtesy of Makezine.com Makezine.com has an article about CNC machining vs 3D printing that features an excerpt about BuildYourCNC's DIY CNC machine. Read more.
Make Volume 38: Kickstart a Kids’ Makerspace Kickstart a Kids' MakerspaceTwo of our machines, the blackTooth Laser Cutter and the blueChick CNC router was featured in the Article: Kickstart a Kids' Makerspace. The article was written by James Floyd Kelly. Read more.
Make: 3D Printer Buyer's Guide make article in 3D Printer Buyer's GuideA short article pertaining to DIY CNC on page 10 describes the scratch build machine that can be built from wood, a hand saw, and some hardware and mechanical parts. Read more.
Education Resources If you are involved with education whether it is vocational, high school, elementary, university, or anything else related to education in the tech and fabrication industry we offer special pricing for educators. Read more.
New York World Maker Faire 2013 Thumbnail: New York Maker Faire BadgeWe will be participating in the New York World Maker Faire 2013, September 21st and 22nd. This is a Maker Faire that I have always wanted to attend, and we want to bring a 3D Printer. But, not the same type of printer that you always see at the Maker Faire. Typically, you would see the 3D Printer that is based on the FDM technology (Fused Deposistion Modeling), like the whiteAnt. As always we want to bring something unique. A 3D DLP Printer that uses photopolymer that hardens when a specific wavelength range of light hits it. Read more.
Wired Article: You Suck at Using a CNC Router Image used in the Wired Article: You Suck at Using a CNC MachineThese are some sound techniques when using a CNC router. This is an article that was published in Wired online by Adrienne So. I provided her the details of how "Not to Suck at Using a CNC Router". Read more.
Wired Article: DIY Laser Cutter Raises Capital, Concerns blackTooth laser cutterThis article was less flattering, but brings up serious concern, laser cutters and fire. The plexiglas or acrylic that is used on laser cutters can ignite and fire can spread quickly. Read more.
NY Times Article: For the Home Workshop, a GPS for Power Tools A GPS for routers NY times articleAnne Eisenberg with the NY Times ask me to say a few words about development by Alec Rivers at MIT, a GPS for routers. You can see my thoughts written in the article. Read more.
blackTooth Laser Cutter/Engraver on Kickstarter blackTooth Laser Cutter and EngraverYep, we finished developing the laser cutter and engraver and we decided to put it up on Kickstarter to raise enough funding to get a lower price from our suppliers. This will enable us to drop the price on Kickstarter to $1500 for an unassembled unit and $2000 for an assembled unit. We also have units that have an integrated computer system. The cutting and engraving area is 24" x 20". There are limited units available, so if you are interested, I strongly recommend backing the project to get a unit. We will be selling these on the website, but we will not be able to match the price due to supplier costs on low count purchases (approx $300 more), so grab one when you can. The deliverable deadlines are April and May 2013. I will be working very hard to get them out much sooner. Of course, if funded, the backers will receive the units in the order that they backed, which means, the units will start going out right after we receive the laser equipment from the supplier. We are already hard at work fabricating the structure in anticipation. Read more.
Showing at 3DCamp Houston 2012 3dcamp houston 2012 logoIf you've never heard of 3DCamp and live in or near Houston, you're missing out. 3DCamp is the place to find everything you've ever wanted to know about 3D software, machines that make 3D things, and getting 3D things from reality to getting them into the computer (scanning, etc.) and just a bunch of 3D knowledge and experts all over. Hop on over to their home page and check out the presentation schedule and all that they will have going on. Read more.
Rainy Day Magazine Built Bluechick from the authors of Rainy Day MagazineThe seemingly unlikely publication has focused on one of these CNC Machine kits.  Rainy Day Magazing is doing a build of a blueChick!  So, why?  Well, their interested in fabricating those really cool clocks you see on some folks walls, with the funky wooden gears.  The blueChick is the perfect CNC Machine for fabricating these types of clocks. Read more.
Bay Area Maker Faire 2011 Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 BadgeYou know I love the Maker Faire, and this year, buildyourcnc.com will be there, along with James Kelly (Co-Author of Printing in Plastic: Build Your Own 3D Printer). I am so excited to go this year, especially because we will be in the "shed". We will be demonstrating the new whiteAnt 3D Printer/CNC Machine. We will also be introducing the book, and hopefully have some copies in the booth for folks to peruse and purchase. Here is a link to the Featured Maker page . Read more.
New Book, Printing in Plastic Book about 3d printing called Printing in PlasticThere is another book published from Apress with the same co-author, James Kelly, on 3D plastic printing. This book will lay out the latest on the technology in one convenient place. So, what machine? The whiteAnt. This is a new, very small form factor of a machine that will be structurally capable of CNC work and be adjusted to allow for seven inches of z-axis modeling and clearance. Read more.
Tex Fab Presentation Feb, 11 2011 Tex Fab badgeI presented at TexFab on February 11 at the University of Houston. Read more.
Wired Article: Atoms are the new bits - the new industrial revolution Image of the cover of Wired: Atoms are the new bits - the new industrial revolutionWe were mentioned in the revolutionary article by Chris Anderson where he shares information on the current and future of fabrication and product development. Read more.
Make 21: Desktop Manufacturing Make 21: Desktop ManufacturingOur scratch build CNC machine in the Make 21 edition. There is a great article on the machine with a great narrative overview and a cool illustration. Read more.
Make 18: Remake America Make 18: Remake America coverAn article focusing on our blackToe v1.2 CNC router and the ability for it to self replicate, the future of fabrication technology. Read more.
Maker Faire Austin 2008 Fabrication blackToe v2 cnc machine at the Austin 2008 Maker FaireAs always, the Maker Faire was an awesome experience. There were makers from all over. All of the really great stuff was exhibited like engineering, crafts, sustainable technology, art and other interesting things that can be conjured up by makers. Can you guess what my favorite part was? Fabrication, of course. Read more.
Maker Faire Experience (Austin, 2007) The scratch build cnc router presented at the austin maker faireYou know that feeling when you're just a little person arriving to Disney? My Maker Faire experience was better, even going through a serious illness. Indulge me for a moment while I have a flashback. I find myself continually browsing the internet, pulling up my feeds, printing the latest posts and reading the information like my wife would admire platinum on her finger. And all focused on technology, building, hacking, modding, robotics, mechatronics, mechanics and electronics. This faire is that and more! If you have a chance to travel the world and see something, see the Maker Faire, and if you're a frequent visitor to this website, I'm sure you wouldn't regret it. Read more.
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