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The CNC Process: From CAD to Product
I have put together a video tutorial of the entire process from drawing a part in CAD (Computer Assisted/Aided Design) to the final product that is cut out from the CNC machine. This three part series will step you through the design of a very simple object that uses drills and profiles. Drills are simply holes created from the end mill (router bit) into the material and profiles are horizontal cuts, usually in geometric form, that create various shapes.

I am using CAMBAM to illustrate the CAD process. CAMBAM includes a few basic CAD functions and primitives that enable you to design an object. I say basic CAD functions, but CAMBAM is extremely versatile and there really is no limit to the complexity for the object. In the next tutorial, I will exhibit some of the great features of this program and design something more complex.

Once I create the design, I then use the machining functions. In this tutorial, I limit the machining functions to drilling and profiling. Three holes will be made using the spiraling drill technique, where the bit is smaller than the hole. I will also show how to make similar holes with profiling; however, you will see that the drilling method is cleaner and makes a perfect circle. In addition, the profiling will be used to cut out the final object.