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Frequently Asked Qustions

These are questions that I have received via email and on forums:

Q: What is a CNC?
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, but that's confusing. Really a CNC is a way for a computer to control motion. The motion can be in various configurations, but focusing on this type of CNC build, it's the control of three axes that ultimately moves a tool to cut or shape things. It's like a powerful but cheap robot router that does what the computer tells it.

Q: Do you have any plans of the build?
The short answer, no. The video is based on building a CNC machine that can take on a variable set of characteristics. It is up to you to determine the sizes of the components. The build is so easy that you won't need plans. Say you want a larger cutting surface. If the steps are viewed in sequence, you would understand how to make the proper measurements to achieve a particular table size. There really are no bounds to the shape and size of your machine, but remenber that the bigger you go, the more reinforcement you will need.

Q: What are your apprentices names?
My daughter's name is Caterina and my son's name is Nicholas, but I call him Nicco for short.

Q: Are you liable for my damages?
Definitely not! I am providing this as information only to educate the public on techniques on understanding mechanical systems. If you want to use this site, the terms are that I'm not liable for anything that happens to anybody, with the exception of my own family unit. I will, however, keep my word on sales and deliveries, and I will gladly support any transactions and products through the stuff that I have for sale.

Q: Why does your wife bust your nuts?
She has her job to do as well. But remember, she let me use half of the bedroom to do this crazy hobby... and the bathroom.