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Laser Control System - Base Product
Laser Control System - Comes With Everything Shown in Pictures
The system comes with everything shown in the pictures. The control unit, driver, and cables. This system is designed to run with a program called LaserCAD.
Laser Control System with Power Supply
Laser Control System with 24v Power Supply
If you are purchasing a Laser Control System as an add-on, you may need the 24v 8.3 amp Power Supply. This option allows you to purchase the Laser Control System with 24v Power Supply included.

This is a complete control unit for a laser system. It comes with a control box and LCD panel. This control unit will allow you to run a file directly without needing an external computer. It will also allow for laser power intensity to be adjusted within the software rather than manually.


This is a DSP Laser Controller for use in laser cutters and engravers. These laser controllers can be used with the popular Lightburn laser software. You can produce stunning engravings and smooth laser cutting with this laser DSP controller. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processor, which means the controller will output digital signals according to the design that is sent to the controller.

This is the control unit that is featured on the Vertical Laser XL machine and can be integrated with our blackTooth laser. Links to software downloads and wiring diagrams are provided. Please contact us if you need assistance.


  • CorelDraw and AutoCAD plugins
  • PWM or Analog output
  • Multiple motor configuration
  • LCD panel - onboard speed and power control
  • Memory recovery after power surge
  • Vector and Raster support
  • Interface port: USB or Networking
  • Per layer PPI control
  • Multiple layers for speed and power control
  • Multiple pass engraving or cutting per layer
  • Power: DC 12~36V, 1.5A
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 8/7/XP/2000 32 bit - 64 bit w/ driver

Instructions For USB Flash Drive Loading:

  • Format Drive to FAT32
  • Load work file on drive and change file name extension to .ud5
  • Insert USB drive into USB slot on the Control Unit's motherboard
  • Go into Menu on the Control Unit Interface, select "Udisk" and then "Work files".
  • Select the work file and it will load onto the screen.

This laser controller comes with a user interface for manual control and the controller itself, that has the capability of controlling two different lasers and four motors for nozzle and gantry movement.

The controller has X/Y/Z/U for four axes. You also have the ability to connect limit switches. There is input and output capabilities for various devices that need to be turned on or off.

The screen allows you to view that you are manipulating using the controller interface buttons. It will show you the current condition of the machine and a way to access menus to change parameters. There is a reset button which will bring the machine back to its’ origin. The file button will bring up the default file. The laser button will fire the laser.

The box button will move the system around the spot that it will be engraving. Origin sets the origin, the menu brings up the menu options, stop/start will stop and start the machine. You also have X/Y/Z movements as well as escape and enter.

The arrows for the menu system will also function as jogging keys to move the gantry.

There is a USB slot in which you can connect a flash drive for file loading. There are a couple of 12-pin connectors which connect from the controller to the LCD screen for communication.

You can also directly connect to a computer via Ethernet or USB. A standard USB and Ethernet cable are also included. You can use either for communication.

Video Tutorial: Connecting the Laser Control Unit to Power Supply

Software Downloads and Manuals

LightBurn Laser Control and Design Software if you want a better software application to control your laser cutter and engraver

LaserCAD V8.10.21download compressed in ZIP format

LaserCAD User Manual

Laser Control Unit User Manual

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Previously answered questions:

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  • [Laser Control System] Can this be used to control a spindle as well as a laser?

    It is possible to wire this controller so a spindle can be turned on and off, but spindle speed would not be possible and would need to be controlled from the control panel. It is not recommended to use a laser controller to control a spindle as a laser controller is specifically made for lasers to control speed and intensity. A traditional CNC controller is best to be mated with a system that uses a spindle as there are more sophisticated machining operations that take into consideration the features of a tool (end mill, drill, surfacing tool, etc.).

    Additional Information:
    I would recommend creating a system, similar to the greenBull, where there are two gantries on a single table where one gantry houses a spindle and the other gantry houses a laser. Each gantry can use a disparate controller, but be mapped/calibrated/aligned to the same surface.

    Click the link to add information to this solution:
    [521] Can this be used to control a spindle as well as a laser?

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