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3 Axis Large Motors Electronics w/ Parallel Breakout Board
3 Axis Large Motors Electronics w/ Mach3 USB Board
3 Axis Large Motors Electronics w/ Pokeys57CNC USB/Ethernet Controller for Mach3 or Mach4

This options is for the heavier and larger CNC machines. (3) NEMA 34 651 oz-in large stepper motors
(3) Drivers (6.0Amp 24-70 Volts, 1/2-1/256 microstepping)
(1) 36v 8.8a Power Supply
(1) Interface Board depending on the one selected (USB or Parallel)


Choose From 3 Interface Boards

Parallel Board: Works with Mach3, Mach4, or Linux-CNC. Parallel Port and Parallel Cable Required on PC running a 32 bit OS. Software can be purchased from BuildYourCNC.

Pokey57CNC Controller :Recommended if you wish to use Mach3 or Mach4. This is a feature rich controller that has 4 onboard relays, 8 available motor connections for a maximum of 8 axes, inputs, outputs, and much more.

Mach3 USB Board: Works with Mach3 ONLY. Connects through standard USB port. Mach3 can be purchased from BuildYourCNC.

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  • [3 Axis Electronics Combo (All Large Motors)] Would the single 8.8A power supply be undersized for 3 6.0A Drivers? would you recommend getting another PS?

    That depends on a few factors. In most cases, three 3.0 amp motors and drivers will not exceed 8.8 amps of available current. All of the motors would need to be at full torque to reach the 9 amps (3x3). This depends on the mechanical method you are using for each motor, and how you are using the machine. In most cases, only two motors are moving at a time (i.e. 3D carving where the X and Z are moving simultaneously and the y only moves to go to the next row). In traditional cutting profiles, only the x and y are moving simultaneously and the z-axis moves at the location it needs to start cutting the next layer.

    With that said, it is ok to add an extra power supply if you feel you need more available current.

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    [51] Would the single 8.8A power supply be undersized for 3 6.0A Drivers? would you recommend getting another PS?

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