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PlasmaSenseOut torch Height controller module width PlasmaSenseOut torch Height controller module height PlasmaSenseOut can be fastened to a DIN rail.
PlasmaSenseOut torch Height controller module width PlasmaSenseOut torch Height controller module height PlasmaSenseOut can be fastened to a DIN rail.
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PlasmaSenseOut Only (Read Description for Prerequisites)

This is the PlasmaSenseOut THC (Torch Height Control) module that works with the PlasmaSense THC module for plasma CNC cutting machines.


This purchase only makes sense if you have a PlasmaSense Torch Height Controller and you would like to accompany this with a PlasmaSenseOut controller. The PlasmaSenseOut module does all of the heavy lifting and determines if the Z axis needs to go up or down depending on the plasma arc voltage. The PlasmaSenseOut receives signals from the PlasmaSense Module via a fiber optic cable (not included).

Prerequisites for this product:You already have: - PlasmaSense THC- Fiber Optic Cable

Features:- Can be mounted on a DIN rail- Uses fiber optics to maintain a clean signal from the plasma to the delicate CNC controller- Outputs three signals, Arc OK, Arc Up and Arc Down

The price for this product is determined by the following:- The price for the PlasmaSenseOut and PlasmaSense System with fiber optic cables ($250) plus the PlasmaSenseInterface since it does not come with that system ($25) minus the price for the PlasmaSense Torch Height Controller (147.67).

The components are daisy-chained as follows: Plasma Cutter --> PlasmaSens THC --> Fiber Optic Cable --> PlasmaSensOut --> PoKeys57CNC controller.

My highly rated Amazon pick for a Plasma Torch:PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter 110V/220V Dual Voltage 3 Year Warranty. I may receive a small commission if you purchase from this link.

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