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Onsrud 1/4
Onsrud 1/4
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Onsrud 1/4" diameter 7/8" cut length end mill
Onsrud 1/4" diameter 1" cut length end mill (Extended Shank Length) Overall Length: 4"

Onsrud 1/4" Solid Carbide Two Flute UpCut Ballnose End Mill for Plastics, Solid Surface, Aluminum, and Wood. Shank: 1/4", Cut Diameter: 1/4" Part #: 52-200B


This end mill will cut a U-shaped groove in wood, plastic or aluminum at 1/4" wide. The material is solid carbide.

Cut Diameter - 1/4 inch or 6.35mm
Shank diameter - 1/4 inch or 6.35mm

Soft Wood, Soft Plywood, Laminate Chipboard and Laminated Plywood:
Chip load: .015 to .017
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 540 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 612 IPM

Hard Wood and Hard Plywood:
Chip Load: .012 to .015
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 508 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 580 IPM

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard):
Chip Load: .013 to .015
Suggested Low End Feed Rate: 468 IPM
Suggested High End Feed Rate: 540 IPM

All Feed Rates are based on 18,000 Spindle RPM

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