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1/2 The end of the 1/2
1/2 The end of the 1/2
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1/2" Lead Screw per inch (Steel) - If you need multiple lengths please send us an email with the dimensions
Total Length:

This is a 1/2" 5 start and 10 TPI ACME precision lead screw that translates to 2 turns per inch. Use this to serve as your main mechanics to move an axis of your CNC machine. Couple this with our anti-backlash nut with the same specifications. The quantity is priced per inch. Total length = quantity in inches.


Read Before Ordering: Lead screw is cut to order and can take an additional 1-2 business days to process before shipping out. Add the total amount of lead screw you plan to purchase by changing quantity equal to the total amount in inches. For Example: If you need a 24 inch piece, change the quantity to "24" and add to cart.

To ensure fastest delivery time, please send an email to customerservice@buildyourcnc.com or call 281-815-7701 to confirm the lengths you need after ordering.

Note: Due to dimensional variance of the lead screw's width, it is possible that 1/2" ID bearings may not easily fit onto the 1/2" lead screw. If this is the case, there are a few alternatives to combat this issue. 1.) Heating the bearing up so that the inner diameter expands and allows the bearing to fit onto the lead screw. 2.) Using a lathe to reduce the lead screw down so the bearing can fit. 3.) Using sandpaper or a file to reduce the lead screw down so the bearing can fit.

With our lead screws and lead nuts, the combination is perfectly mated. CNC Machines require precise movement. Backlash occurs in many parts of the linear motion mechanics. With this lead screw and anti-backlash nut combination, you will minimize this backlash tremendously. The anti-backlash is also known as a wear compensating nut. As the machine is used over time, the lead screw may wear, and this nut will mechanically adjust for this wear. The lead screw and nut specifications: 2 turns per inch, 1/2" outside diameter lead screw, 10 threads per inch and has 5 starts (making it 2 turns per inch). The lead screw is ACME precision (same thing as saying the threads are square, not shaped like a "V"). The maximum continuous length is 72".

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Datasheet for the 1/2-inch anti-backlash nut and lead screw at 10 TPI and 5 starts.

Here is the datasheet for the 10 TPI 5 start 1/2-inc antibacklash nut and lead screw.

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