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Linear Guide Rail with view of both sides Linear Guide Rail
Linear Guide Rail with view of both sides Linear Guide Rail
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Linear Guide Rail - Per Inch (Cut to Order)
Linear Guide Rail - Full Length 1400mm Piece (Approx 55") w/ 2 Guide Blocks

We now offer Linear Guide rails made of high-quality hardened steel to add a new dimension of reinforcement to your machine. These rails pair with our 20mm Linear Ball Bearing Blocks.


Order Info: add desired length in inches to cart (QTY 1 = 1") , if multiple lengths are needed, please contact us to let us know.

These SBR20 round linear guide rail should be ordered in increments of 11 inches in order to provide you with 2 sets of mounting holes on both sides.

These will pair with our 20mm Linear Ball Bearing Blocks

Material: Grc15 steelHardness: HRC60-HRC62Guide Width: 20mm (0.78 in)

Note: Maximum single length for 1 piece of Linear Guide rail is 1400mm or 55.11 inches

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