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1.5kW Inverter (VFD) (220 Volt)
1.5kW Inverter (VFD) (110 Volt)

This is a 1.5 kilowatt Variable Frequency Drive (VFD or Inverter) that accepts 220v single or three phase. The inverter max frequency is 400Hz . The inverter comes with an instruction manual.


Note: connecting the inverter to mains power will require wiring of the plug to the inverter. We recommend seeking a licensed electrician for this part of the wiring.

Collet Size for 1.5kW Spindle: ER11

Refer to this product page for the VFD/Inverter (Variable Frequency Drive) parameters and programming

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  • [1.5 kW (kilowatt) Inverter (Variable Frequency Drive - VFD)] Im having a problem getting Mach 3 to control the spindle on and off

    If you are using the Mach3 USB controller:

    Make sure to watch this video:

    If you are still having issues, make sure to confirm that you send the specific output you want to use to PORT 3. This is not mentioned in the video. If you are using OUT1 on the controller, make sure to remove that pin number from the Motor outputs (config -> ports & pins -> motor outputs) for the spindle line and set it up in the outputs (config -> ports & pins -> outputs).

    If you are using the Pokeys57CNC controller:

    Watch this video:

    Click the link to add information to this solution:
    [76] Im having a problem getting Mach 3 to control the spindle on and off

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