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Autodesk Inventor/CAM/CNC Workflow - Part 3: Finalize General Part Form / Add New Sketch
In this tutorial series we will be exploring how to use Autodesk Inventor along with CAM software (CAMBAM) to create CNC parts.


In the first two parts of the series we have constructed our target part. Now we will finalize the design to move to the next stop in the process.

Picking up where we left off in the last video, we are dimensioning the back part of the router mount. We want to make the lines perfectly centered. Notice how the back is now coinciding with the Z-axis part. We will now save our progress. After we trim the unneeded lines, everything should now look like one piece.

At this point we will extrude the design using the "e" key. We now use the "fill it" function to add a little bit more strength. The next thing we want to do is make a hole so the part can receive a screw. We start a new sketch on the face. Create a circle and then dimension from the bottom and the end. Now we will extrude in the opposite direction to create a cut. Now we have the holes going all the way through. We didn't dimension the size of the holes, so we go back and make sure the hole is dimensioned properly at .25". Now we return out of the sketch and start on our other part.

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