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New Vertical Oriented CNC Machine
greenlean sneak peek
Coming soon!! This is a first look at the new vertical CNC machine that we will soon offer. This is a result of customers looking for a smaller footprint, but still wanting the full 4 feet by 8 feet cutting area. The machine will be called the greenLean.

This machine has been in development for many months, working out particular details of counterbalance for the y-axis, having the rigidity that would be in line with the rest of our machines, and having a serious space saving characteristic.

Designed with the spindle in mind, the y-axis and z-axis assembly is heavy, approximately 30 lbs. That requires quite a bit of counterweight, and where to put such a weight. We settled on using a constant force spring within the gantry, so we wouldn't need to add more weight to the gantry. with a constant force spring, the y axis position maintains, even with the power off.

The rigidity of the machine was rigorously investigated. The machine features ribs to serve as the bed, but mainly to keep the machine sturdy against and fastened to the wall. The ribs are perfectly spaced so they can be fastened to the studs of the wall with either 16 inches or 24 inches on center stud configuration.

The tilt of the machine is to provide a bit of balance (a good center of gravity during operation) and to allow for easy sheet loading. The machine can also be lengthened as far as your application needs. Imaging loading one sheet while the other is being cut. Better yet, have two gantries on a long bed to product double the work.

The machine features all 651 NEMA 34 oz-in motor to keep up great acceleration and fast powerful speeds. Getting the parts out of the sheet using holding tabs will be easier to remove with a better view of where the holding tabs are. the chains have a resting ledge to enable better tension over long bed lengths. Finally, the garage can now be less cluttered and your cars can now find a home next to it in the garage!

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