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YouTube Channel - 100,000 Subscribers Reached!!!
It blows my mind how many subscribers have shown their unwavering support! If you haven't already, check out our BuildYourCNC and Newbiehack YouTube channel. It's unbelievable how this niche has grown, and I am incredibly grateful for each one of you!
Demonstration of Spoilboard Surfacing with an Onsrud Surfacing Cutter
The Onsrud surfacing cutter surfacing the spoil board of our CNC machine
The video below is a quick demo of us doing a bottom clearing on our CNC machine using our new Onsrud Spoilboard Surfacing Cutter. It's generally a good idea to resurface the spoilboard when you first set up your CNC machine. This will make sure the spoilboard surface is perfectly parallel with the X/Y motion of your machine. You should also resurface every so often as the spoilboard surface becomes more uneven over time. This is a better alternative to replacing the board every time it becomes worn down. More in-depth videos on this process later...

This particular Onsrud surfacing cutter uses two cutting inserts. These inserts shave off the top surface of the spoilboard as the cutter spins. The feedrates shown in the video is conservative and can be run much faster. When spoilboard surfacing with this cutter, make sure to only cut at a maximum depth of 1/8 inch. All screws in the spoilboard used for clamping must be counter bored so that the cutter will not hit these screw heads. The cutter will more than likely just take the screw head right off, but that would cause a problem getting that screw out later.

The process of spoilboard surfacing will create a lot of dust. This cutter fits well under our dust shoe, so the dust is managed to a certain extent.

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