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greenbull in our shop greenbull vacuum hose inlet greenBull vacuum hose greenbull short Z greenBull Short Z elevation greenBull Long-Z Frame View
greenbull in our shop greenbull vacuum hose inlet greenBull vacuum hose greenbull short Z greenBull Short Z elevation greenBull Long-Z Frame View
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6'x12' Heavy Duty CNC Machine Kit (greenBull 6X) - with 2.2kW Spindle
This kit comes with everything included in the base kit and adds a 2.2KW Spindle with 220V inverter. Contact us if you need a 110V version.
6'x12' Heavy Duty CNC Machine (greenBull 6X) with 2.2kW Spindle - Assembled Version.
This includes everything in the base kit including the 2.2kW Spindle. This version is assembled, meaning we put the gantry together and ship it out to you. You then just need to build your table and attach the rails, bearings, and gantry.

The greenBull 6X is a massive CNC featuring an enormous 6'x12' cutting area. Big jobs require big machinery and this bad boy is definitely up to the task. We also offer a Long Z option that has the capabilities to machine thick foam.
Table or Torsion Box Not Included


Go BIG or Go Home- The greenBull series, like all our machines, is American-made in the great state of Texas. Whether you're looking to automate the process for general woodworking applications, cabinetry, sign-making, construction, or milling other material like acrylic or light aluminum, the greenBull has the power to significantly reduce your production time.

The greenBull 6X is big. Who needs a CNC that big? Rick Hebert does. Rick makes cabinets all day and he needs a CNC big enough to handle the material and fast enough to slice production time in half. Click here to see Rick's 6X in action.

Purchasing Guide

Basic Kit with 2.2kW Spindle - Includes everything in the basic kit and a 2.2kW Spindle with 220V Inverter. Does not include: Table, Computer, Software, Bits (end mills) Spindle is water-cooled and requires some additional wires and plumbing equipment. We recommend you seek a licensed electrician for installation. Note: If you don’t have access to 220V power, we can provide you with a 110V inverter. Contact us for a custom quote. Note: THE MACHINE KIT ASSEMBLY PROCESS IS VERY DIFFICULT. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ON YOUR ABILITY TO BUT A KIT TOGETHER IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO PURCHASE AN ASSEMBLED MACHINE. VERY LIMITED SUPPORT FOR KIT PURCHASES.

Assembled Version with 2.2kW Spindle - Includes everything in the basic kit – with 2.2kW Spindle. We assemble the gantry for you and ship it to you in a crate via freight carrier (you choose during checkout). You will still need to construct your own table for the gantry and install the aluminum rail on it.

Computer and Control Box Options -

Basic Assembled Control Box redFly – with this option we install and wire the electronics in a custom-made control box. This is a great option if you want to save the time of wiring and mounting the electronics yourself.

Assembled Control Box with Deluxe Computer – Includes the control box option plus an integrated computer built into the control box. The computer features an Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and a Seagate 1TB Internal Hard Drive. This package includes Mach3 CNC software and a Windows 7 Professional license, which we will register in your name and pre-install on the computer for you.

Technical Stuff

  • Actual table dimension for the 6'x12' are 80.078"x169.5" (the overhang in the illustrations should be 3/4" thick)
  • The overall design has increased rigidity for the new routing/milling area but still maintains the aesthetics that are common across all of the machines on this site.
  • To guarantee that the gantry doesn't flex at all, a series of ribs were added within the gantry box making the entire gantry very similar to a torsion box.
  • The motors selected for all of the axes are NEMA 34 with 1/2" shafts (driven by 6.0 amp drivers).
  • The dust shoe is redesigned to provide better dust extraction capability.

Important Things to Know:

  • The entire machine kit will take about 10-14 business days to produce and send out under normal circumstances. During busy periods this could increase to 15-21 business days. You can always contact us for an accurate estimate before purchasing. Assembled Machines will take longer as they have to be produced to order. Expect a lead time of 3-4 weeks for assembled machines.
  • We include a standard amount of 65 feet of motor cable for the greenBull 6X. The recommended length is for systems in which the computer will be placed right next to the machine. If you plan on having the computer further away from the machine you will need to purchase longer cable lengths. If you are unsure about how many feet of cable you need, please call or email us and we will assist you.
  • If you are purchasing a 2.2KW Spindle with Inverter, Laser Attachment, or both, you will need a water cooling system for each. This is a simple system using silicon tubing, a water pump and a 5 gallon bucket
  • The Spindle will require 12/3, 14/3, or 16/3 gauge cable for wiring from the inverter to the wall. You will also need 4 conductor wire for wiring the Spindle to the inverter as a 4th wire for ground is needed. It is important to understand the electrical requirements for wiring the Spindle, so for this reason we strongly recommend you check with a licensed electrician before attempting to wire it.
  • Table (Frame) Dimensions:

    • Actual table dimension: 6'x12' is 80.3587"x169.5" (the overhang in the illustrations should be 3/4" thick)
    • To determine the frame dimensions, first consider using the frame height shown of almost 3' (2.86'). The width of the frame should be 4" narrower than the dimension from rail edge to rail edge (6X rail to rail is 80.078"). This will provide a 2" overhang on both sides (6X frame width should be 76.078").
    • The length of the frame should be 4" shorter than the desired length of the rails to provide a 2" overhang on both ends. The travel length will be 20" shorter than the rail length due to the space occupied by the gantry sides.
    • Two long pieces of 3/4" material will need to be placed on top of the frame with the 2" overhang on the sides and the end. These long strips of material will receive the rails and the chain mounts on the ends.

    Financing icon

    For International Buyers: Please do not use our shipping calculator if you are attempting to purchase a product that needs to be freighted and is outside of the United States. Please contact us and we will arrange a freight quote for you. Any products bought requiring freight will be subject to additional shipping charges if purchased without receiving a freight quote.

    Wiring Diagrams and Tutorials:

    2.2KW Spindle Wiring: Diagram

    How to Program Inverter / VFD: Click Here

    Mach3 USB Interface Board Wiring: Diagram

    Parallel Breakout Board: Diagram | Video Tutorial

    USB Breakout Board: Diagram | Video Tutorial

    Accuracy and Precision

    The resolution per axis is variable as you can change the driver's microstepping, but I typically set the parameters so that the mechanical and digital combination configuration yields greater than 1000 steps per inch. The x and y axes mechanical systems are based on roller chain which is tensioned. This provides a reduction in backlash, so the precision is very good (repeatability). The accuracy is generally based on how well the machine in calibrated and squared. Squaring is very simple as the gantry is squared by a combination of adjusting the roller chain sprockets on each side of the gantry and the adjustment of the gantry back hardware. Once the machine is squared and in a relaxed state, the hardware is tightened to maintain square permanently. Calibration is done through software and is as accurate as the physical measurement system is.

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This is a demonstration of how one of our customers uses the greenBull CNC router.


An example of the greenBull CNC router cutting extruded aluminum.


The greenBull CNC router cutting aluminum. An explanation of the tool (end mill) used, feedrates and depths per pass, and the chips that are ejected from the cutting action.


This is the greenBull CNC router cutting full depth into 3/4" plywood and testing the dust extraction using flexible plastic material. We don't use this technique as we have found that brush is adequate and brush is what is delivered with the purchased machines.


Surfacing the spoilboard with the greenBull CNC router. Surfacing should be done frequently to provide the best finish at the underside of the workpiece.

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