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redLeaf Computer System redLeaf Redleaf redleaf view from top with logo redleaf internals redLeaf view with USB cable redleaf back view additional redLeaf back view
redLeaf Computer System redLeaf Redleaf redleaf view from top with logo redleaf internals redLeaf view with USB cable redleaf back view additional redLeaf back view
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Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
Basic redLeaf System ideal for (4x8 BlackToe CNC Machine)
Heavy Gantry redLeaf System ideal for (BlackFoot 4x8 Machine)
redLeaf - Two 651 oz-in motors/drivers and one 425 oz-in motor/driver. (Ideal for the greenLean CNC machine)
Heavy Duty redLeaf System ideal For (4X 5X 6X Machine)
Extra Axis (for a total of 4 axes motors not included)
redLeaf option for purchased machines only (Kit & Assembled versions) No motors, Drivers, or power supply just computer system.
This option is for purchased machines only (Kit & Assembled version) it does not include any motor, drivers or power supply. You buy this option if you purchased a machine kit or a assembled machine from us. When you buy a kit or a assembled machine you are already paying for these components. THIS IS JUST THE COMPUTER SYSTEM WITH CONNECTORS AND STRUCTURE.

So, you've decided connecting the electronics is just not your thing! And, making it work with your computer is just out of the question! Here is a complete CNC electronics system and basic computer all-in-one, tested and ready to go.


All systems come assembled with the electronics wired and tested. If the windows option is not purchased, the system will have Linux (Ubuntu) and EMC installed. Make sure to purchase the correct amount of cabling (from motor to driver) for each axis and how it should be cut by leaving a note in the PayPal cart. click here to purchase cable.

The basic system (second purchase option) has three standard motors (425 oz-in torque) and drivers (3.0 amp per phase) which is perfect for the blueChick, blackToe, or general duty machines). The second option for Heavy Gantry includes two standard motors and drivers like the first option, but has a heavy duty motor (651 oz-in) and driver (6..0 amp) to move the gantry which is perfect for the blackFoot or machines with a heavy gantry. The third option is for heavy duty machines that require large motors (651 oz-in) and drivers (6.0 amp) on each axis.

This is not a kit. This system is put together in-house, by us with great care and attention to detail. All you need to do is put the motors where they need to go, connect a monitor, keyboard and a mouse, and you can start to move the machine!

We created this system to reduce the time necessary to get a machine up and running. Wiring CNC electronics have been an issue for many customers, and getting the system to work with their computer has shown to be a challenge as well. This system allows you to essentially skip the entire CNC wiring and setup process. All of the electronics are wired up, and soldered where needed, tested with the standard configuration used for the machine kits on this site (will work with other machines with a specified configuration), constructed with the necessary computer components and operating system setup (Windows/Mach3, Linux/EMC2, or dual boot).

All you will need to do is learn how to control the CNC using either Mach3 or EMC2. The All-In-One Electronics/Computer System Includes:

  • Motor Drivers 40 Volts 3.0 Amps or 6.0 Amps Max (capable of 1/64 microstepping) depending on the option chosen
  • 425 oz-in or 651 oz-in bipolar motors depending on the option chosen
  • breakout board
  • 36 Volt 8.8 Amp Power Supply
  • Panel Motor Cable Connectors
  • Fan (Near the Middle)
  • Micro ATX Motherboard with Parallel Port and Standard Connectors - 2 Gigs of Installed DDR3 RAM
  • AMD Athlon II 3.0GHz Dual Core
  • Micro ATX Power Supply (300 Watts)
  • 1 TB SATA Hard Drive
  • CPU Heat Sink and Fan
  • Cabling and Wires
  • Operating System (Windows 7 or Linux Depending on Option Purchased)
  • Wood, Plastic and Fasteners in a Clean and Aesthetic Arrangement to Encase the System

The CNC portion of the electronics are the same components sold in our 4-axis system hereThe drivers are wired to the breakout board and the connectors on the axes plates, both high powered and signal wires separated to reduce interference. The breakout board is connected to the motherboard via specially soldered 25 pin D-sub connectors from the motherboard to the breakout board insuring the most appropriate connectivity.

The breakout board is wired to the motherboard via a USB connector for constant regulated 5V of power. Under the case, the drivers have a special cut-out to allow for the flow of air to transfer the heat out of the enclosure. To provide this air flow, there is a large fan in centrally located that is powered by the AC line (not DC). Powering the fan from the AC line, rather than the DC internal voltage allows the DC power to be more stable since all regulation of the DC voltage occurs from the power supplies, onward. With a fan of this power, there is always positive pressure within this enclosed space. Openings were carefully positioned to exit the heat in the most appropriate way. Moreover, the positive pressure will limit the amount of dust that enters into the enclosure.

On the computer component side, the motherboard, hard drive and power supply reside in close proximity to each other. Orientation for the components were designed to convenience. The motor connections occur adjacent to the motherboard connections so the monitor, keyboard and mouse can be placed perpendicular, or at the end of the machine.

All of the parts of this enclosure is produced from the blackFoot CNC Machine Kit. All of the holes are precisely placed to match the fastening holes of the components. The Plexiglas sides serve to mount components, allow for panel connectors and access to certain parts of the system. The Plexiglas is held in-place with wood pieces that were deigned for aesthetics with slight curves and exposed sides of the laminated wood (from MDO).Power for all of the components are kept separated. The computer side can be plugged into a separate circuit from the CNC motion electronics. The CNC electronics can draw much more amperage than the computer, so the AC line was not made common to both.There is a separate plug for the CNC motion electronics, and for the computer power supply.

Assembling these components takes our employees approximately 15 hours to complete, which includes all of the computer software installation, configuration of the Mach3 or EMC2 and fully testing the electronics and making sure each motor turns with the appropriate torque and speed.

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