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Redfly assembled electronics. Redfly Assembled Electronics motor view Redfly side view Redfly switch view Redfly bottom view
Redfly assembled electronics. Redfly Assembled Electronics motor view Redfly side view Redfly switch view Redfly bottom view
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redFly CNC Electronics Box- Great if you need an organized control system. Three 3.0AMP drivers & USB Controller.
This option is perfect if you purchased a machine from us like The GreenBull, Blackfoot, GreenLean. Drivers will be accommodated for each specific machine.
redFly CNC Electronics Box - 3 Axis Combo w/ 3 NEMA 24 (425 oz-in) motors
redFly CNC Electronics Box - 3 Axis Combo for Heavy Gantry: 2 NEMA 24 (425 oz-in) motors and 1 NEMA 34 (651 oz-in) motor
redFly CNC Electronics Box - Specifically for greenLean CNC Machine: 2 NEMA 34 (651 oz-in) motors and 1 NEMA 24 (425 oz-in) motor
redFly CNC Electronics Box - 3 Axis Combo Heavy Duty: 3 NEMA 34 (651 oz-in) motors
Pokeys CNC Control System

The redFly system is similar to the redLeaf and redSprout except that is does not include a computer. This is a solution for you if you already have a computer ready for your machine, but would like the electronics done for you. Great for retrofitting your mill.


The redFly comes with electronics and fully wired, tested, and assembled. We will provide male connectors for the motor wire. Make sure to get appropriate motor cable length for your set up. The redFly comes standard with our Mach3 USB controller with a dual relay .

Motor cable will need to be purchased additionally. Click Here For Motor Cable.

Actual motor tuning based on your machine will vary. In some instances you will have to calculate the steps per inch yourself or use the Mach3 automated steps per unit calculation process if we do not have the relevant information.

The basic system (first purchase option) has three standard motors (425 oz-in torque) and drivers (3.0 amp per phase) which is perfect for small to medium CNC router or CNC machine, or general duty machines). The second option for Heavy Gantry includes two standard motors and drivers like the first option, but has a heavy duty motor (651 oz-in) and driver (5.6 amp) to move the gantry which is perfect for medium to larger CNC routers or machines with a heavy gantry at or about 100 to 200 lbs. The third option is for heavy duty machines that require large motors (651 oz-in) and drivers (6.0 amp) on each axis which is great for machines with heavy Z-Axis assemblies.

With this package you receive:

• Motor Drivers 40 Volts 3.0 Amps or 6.0 Amps Max (capable of 1/64 microstepping) depending on the option chosen• 425 oz-in or 651 oz-in bipolar motors depending on the option chosen• Mach3 USB Controller• 36 Volt 10 Amp Power Supply• Panel Motor Cable Connectors• Fan (Near the Middle)• Wood, Plastic and Fasteners in a Clean and Aesthetic Arrangement to Encase the System

Under the case, the drivers have a special cut-out to allow for the flow of air to transfer the heat out of the enclosure. To provide this air flow, there is a large fan in centrally located. With a fan directing air into the enclosure, there is always positive pressure within this enclosed space. Openings were carefully positioned to exit the heat in the most appropriate way. Moreover, the positive pressure will limit the amount of dust that enters into the enclosure.

The New Pokeys CNC Control System

The new Pokeys CNC Control System includes three 6.0 amp drivers, the full featured Pokeys57CNC two 48V power supplies, 4 limit switches, two NEMA 34 651 oz-in stepper motors, one NEMA 24 425 oz-in stepper motor an emergency stop button,, and a fan to keep everything inside cool.

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